Questions and answers about Jomic

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General Questions
What rocks about Jomic?
What sucks about Jomic?
Does it work with Mac OS Classic?
Does it work with with my hand held or cell phone?
Oh boy. Are there any other viewers?
Why are some images of a comic displayed in wrong order? In particular, all the landscape images are shown at the end.
Jomic can not open an archive
Jomic can not display an image
When launching Jomic, it says "Cannot launch Java application" and something about "splash.jpg" (Mac OS X)
When launching Jomic, the JavaApplicationStub crashes (Mac OS X 10.3.9)
Questions about comic book archives
What are CBZ, CBR and PDF comic book archives?
How can I create comic book archives myself?
Why should I not use RAR for creating comic book archives?

Ok, you asked for it, so here's the rant:


Mac OS Classic 9.x only supports Java 1.3, Mac OS Classic 8.x only Java 1.1. Jomic requires Java 1.4 or later.

You can try Jimic, which is a stripped down version of Jomic satisfied with Java 1.1 and working with Mac OS Classic 8.0 or later. It only supports CBZ/ZIP comics, so you have to convert CBR/RAR comics before you can read them, though.

There are plenty of other viewers. For starters, try one of these:

Apart from that, your favourite search engine will reveal serveral others.

RAR sucks for at least the following reasons:

RAR does have a few advantages over ZIP, but none of them really matter for comic book archives:

  • RAR archives can be stored in mutiple files, which unrar automatically joins during extract. That's really useful with 1440K floopy disks, but...

  • RAR has a repair function. So does ZIP, and althought it's technically inferior, in practice it does not really matter because the result is the same: you can extract the archive short of one or two images. (For details, see the -F and -FF switches of the command line zip tool.

  • RAR has slightly better compression, which does't really matter as images in are already compressed anyway. Those few bytes saved clearly don't make up for all the trouble RAR causes otherwise.

Summary: For now, use ZIP instead of RAR. On the long run, 7-Zip might become a viable alternative.