Screenshot: two page mode Viewing two pages zoomed to fit the window gives the best comic feeling. You need a large display, though.
Screenshot: actual size Viewing the comic in its actual size is nice to focus on details. If you have a small display, this might be the only way to make the letters legible. Its not very useful for actually reading the comic because the constant scrolling becomes annoying soon.
Screenshot: single page view Viewing a single page zoomed to fit the window probably is the best way for viewing comics on slow machines or screens with a 3:4 aspect ratio.
Screenshot: show page thumbs Using View -> Show page thumbs you can enable thumbnails of the comic pages in the right part of the window. Clicking a thumbnail brings you to the selected page.
Screenshot: rotate left Laptop users can turn their computer and use View -> Rotate left and View -> Zoom to fit width.
Screenshot: swap left and right image Using View -> Read from right to left you can read for example Japanese comics from right to left as they are intended.
Screenshot: set background color Using View -> Set background color you can change the color in those parts of the window which are not covered by the image. This screenshot also shows how Jomic looks in KDE under Mandriva Linux 10.1.