Package net.sf.jomic.comic

Modelling and viewing of comics


Class Summary
AbstractCreateComicTask Task to create comic from a set of image files.
ComicCache Cache for comic related extracted archives, images, thumbnails.
ComicChooserFileFilter FileFilter to show only comic files.
ComicFileFilter FilenameFilter to accept comic archives.
ComicImage Image for one comic page.
ComicImageErrorRenderer TableCellRenderer for errors in comic images.
ComicInfoPanel Panel to show information about a comic.
ComicInfoTableModel Table model to hold details about all comic images.
ComicModel Representation of a comic book.
ComicSheet A sheet containig 1 or 2 images, depending on the size of the images: if an image is wider than high, a sheet can contain only 1 image.
ComicSheetLayout Layout specifying how to render the images of a ComicSheet.
ComicThumbView JPanel to show all pages of a comic as thumbnails.
ComicToConvert Specifies source, target and size of a comic to be converted.
ComicView Panel to show one page or sheet of a comic.
ComicViewTransferable Transferable to transfer the currently visible image from a ComicView.
ComicViewTransferHandler TransferHandler to support clipboard operations in a ComicView.
Conversion Conversion describing how to convert a comic and/or images in it.
ConversionBean JavaBean to show and edit ConversionSettings.
ConversionReport A report holding the current state of a conversion of multiple comics.
ConversionReportItem Information about the current state of the conversion of one particular comic.
ConvertComicTask Task to convert a comic according to a Conversion.
ConvertImageTask Task to convert a source image to a target image according to a Conversion.
CreateCbzComicTask Task to create a CBZ comic from a set of image files.
CreateComicTask Task to create a comic.
CreatePdfComicTask Task to create a PDF comic from a set of image files.
CreateZipArchiveTask Task to create a ZIP archive.
ExtractComicTask Task to extract a comic independent of its format.

Exception Summary
ComicException Exception to indicate a problem with the comic or one of its pages.
ComicMustContainImagesException Exception to be thrown if a comic archive does not contain any images.

Package net.sf.jomic.comic Description

Modelling and viewing of comics