Package net.sf.jomic.common

General classes used by the application.


Interface Summary
FullScreenCancelabel Interface for a full screen viewer that can be canceled if necessary.
PropertyConstants Names and documentation of properties.
Version Jomic version information.

Class Summary
ComicSheetRenderSettings Settings to specify how to render the images of a ComicSheet.
JomicConfigurator Configurator for logging.
JomicHelpTools Conveniance methods to simplify interaction with JavaHelp.
JomicJSAP Command line option parser for Jomic.
JomicStartup Utility class to bootstrap Jomic without refering to package (apart from StartupTools and ErrorTools) and Settings.
JomicTools Jomic-specific tools.
Settings Settings for Jomic.
SplashScreen Splash screen to show during loading.
SplashScreenDisposer Runnable to simplify closing a SplashScreen in a thread safe manner; just pass this runnable to SwingUtilities.invokeLater().
StartupTools Utility methods used during the early startup.

Package net.sf.jomic.common Description

General classes used by the application. One reason for having them here is that they would cause package dependancy cycles anywhere else.