Various tools


Interface Summary
CacheInfo Interface to describe how much of a cache is in use.
ConsoleOutputListener Listener to react on lines written by an external Process.
ImageInCacheListener Listener to be notified if an image is available in the cache.
ProgressChangeListener Interface to listen for ProgressChangedEvents from a Progressable.
StandardConstants Various constants repeatedly used all over the place.
Task A complex tasks that updates its current progress while running.

Class Summary
AbstractTask Base for a Task already handling progress related issues.
ActionDelegate Delegate for ActionEvents.
ArchiveCache Cache for extracted archives.
ArchiveCacheEntry An entry in the cache.
BasicSettings Extended Properties with additional features.
ColorBox A JComponent that renders as a simple box with a single color.
ConsoleTools Utility methods to interact with command line interface.
CopyFileTask Task to copy a file, overwritting a possibly already existing file.
CreateImagInfoMapTask Task to obtain image sizes from a list of image files.
ErrorTools Tools for error handling and reporting.
ExtractPdfImagesTask Task to extract all images from a PDF file to a specified target folder.
ExtractRarTask Task to extract contents of a RAR file to a target folder.
ExtractZipTask Task to extract contents of a ZIP file to a target folder.
FileArchive An archive containing files.
FileTools Utility methods to deal with comic files.
ImageCache Cache to store RenderedImages in memory.
ImageCacheEntry Entry in ImageCache.
ImageInfo Information about size and format of an image.
ImageRenderSettings Settings to specify how to render an image depending on user preferences and window size.
ImageTools Utility methods for working with images.
KeyValuePair Simple key and value pair.
LocaleTools Tools for localization.
MutexLock Mutex lock for synchronized blocks.
NaturalCaseInsensitiveOrderComparator NaturalOrderComparator that ignores case.
NaturalOrderComparator Comparator to perform a 'natural order' comparisons of strings.
NestedTask A task composed of sub-tasks.
NumberedName Representation of a name with a optional path, prefix, number and suffix.
NumberedNameComparator Comparator for NumberedNames.
ProcessOutputThread Thread to get out or err of a Process, and append them to a list.
ProgressChangeSupport Utility class to simplify implementing a Progressable.
ProgressFrame JFrame containing a label to display a note on the status, a progress bar and a "Cancel" button.
RegExFileFilter Filter for files with a name matching a regular expression.
StringTools Utility class to simplify dealing with Strings.
SwingWorker This is the 3rd version of SwingWorker (also known as SwingWorker 3), an abstract class that you subclass to perform GUI-related work in a dedicated thread.
SystemTools Utility methods to simplify dealing system dependent issues.
UiTools User interface tools.
XmlTools Various utility methods to simplify processing XML data.

Exception Summary
ConsoleIOException Exception thrown by if the command fails.
IOExceptionWithCause IOException that allows to specify a cause in the constructor.
ItemMustBeDownloadedException Exception to be thrown if a component is missing, but can be downloaded from somewhere.
OperationCanceledException Exception to indicate that a operation has been canceled by the user.
TunneledIOException RuntimeException to tunnel those pesky checked IOExceptions to unchecked exception.

Package Description

Various tools