Package net.sf.jomic.ui

Viewing and controlling of the user interface


Interface Summary
Commands Action commands assigned to buttons and menu items.

Class Summary
AboutFrame AboutFrame is a frame with an icon, a text using a Mac OS X Cocoa style.
AwtExceptionHandler Generic error handler for errors that fall through to AWT standard handler.
BooleanSettingCheckBox JCheckBox connected to a boolean property in Settings.
BooleanSettingMenuItem JCheckBoxMenuItem to change a setting of type boolean, and keep in sync with it.
ChangeBlurSettingsDialog Dialog to change blur related settings.
ChoiceSettingButtonGroup ButtonGroup of JRadioButtons that when clicked will set a setting to the value assigned to the specific button.
ColorButton Button to show a color, and open a JColorChooser to change it once clicked.
ColorSettingMenuItem JMenuItem to change a setting of type Color.
ConvertDialog Modal JDialog to specify parameters, source, and target of a conversion.
ConvertWorker SwingWorker to convert comics.
CreateComicDialog Dialog to specify how to create new comics.
CreateComicFileFilter FileFilter accepting files that should be included in a new comic.
CreateComicWorker SwingWorker to create a comic from a set of image files.
ExportItem Information needed to export a file from a source to a target and show progress.
FileArchiveListCellRenderer ListCellRenderer to show non-comics as disabled.
FileFieldAdder Utility class to add components to an existing JPanel to set a file path.
FramelessJomicMenuBar JomicMenuBar to be used under Mac OS X when no window is open.
FullScreenViewer Comic viewer in full screen mode connected to a JomicFrame.
FullScreenViewerRunner Runnable to launch FullScreenViewer.
ImageFormatTableModel TableModel to show supported image formats in SystemInfoFrame.
JomicApplication Jomic application that manages all open comics and processes comic independent commands like "about", "help", or "quit".
JomicFrame JFrame containing the whole user interface acting as controller between the components.
JomicFrameCloseRunner Runnable to close a JomicFrame by sending a WINDOW_CLOSING event.
JomicMenuBar Menubar for all comic operations.
JomicToolbar Toolbar for essential comic operations.
LimitedIntSettingSlider JSlider connected to a setting changing its value as the user adjusts it.
OpenComicFileChooserAccessory JPanel to be used as accessory in the "open comic" dialog containing additional options.
OpenFromArchiveDialog Dialog to chose a file from a comic archive that did not contain any images rather than comic archives.
OpenRecentMenu Menu to collect files recently opened.
RenderedImageView JComponent to show a RenderedImage.
SetSettingAction Action to set a setting to a certain value.
SettingsFrame Frame to change settings.
SnapableJFileChooser JFileChooser that remembers own location and dimension.
SystemInfoFrame Frame to show information about environment, relevant version numbers, and supported image formats.
ToggleBooleanSettingAction Action to toggle a boolean setting.

Package net.sf.jomic.ui Description

Viewing and controlling of the user interface